Wired for Evil, A.T.Mödell’s third studio album, explores Evil in all the ways possible, from the preternatural anger and fear that sleeps within us and whispers in our most emotional moments, to the sheer violence of psychological abuse that some individuals are capable to exert with no remorse, to the nefarious and wicked sense of humor that is utterly creepy instead of amusing… But don’t expect an album to listen calmly like if it were a shrink’s speech at all, because the power of the melodies and lyrics will make your emotions rise and stomp their way out! “Wired for Evil” will not leave you indifferent! Type: LP (66:66)
Tracks: 13
Release on: 1st Oct 2014
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01. Intro: Enjoy your fear
02. Visions of a future lost
03. Speeding
04. My life is mine
05. Wired for evil
06. Black dawn
07. Allische protve alliv
08. My greatest wish
09. They speak my soul
10. With a smile
11. Take your heart and kill it
12. Erase the lies
13. Outro: I am your destiny

All songs, lyrics and artwork pictures are (C) 2014 A.T.Mödell, all rights reserved.

Thanks to all the members of our family, fans, friends and even enemies, if any.

Disclaimer: We do not condone evil in any form. This is a fiction. If you are or want to be evil, you are an asshole.

Made in Valencia, Spain, during 2013-2014.

Out on 1st October 2014

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